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  • Knowing you have fulfilling relationships with your family and friends!
  • Feeling that you are in control of your life’s path AND.…
  • You have someone to talk to when things are not flowing smoothly. Someone you can be totally honest and open with about a situation without fear of judgment or criticism.

YOU can have all of this and more. No more chaos personally or professionally.

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“It is never too late to change. You are never too old to improve your life and you can achieve absolutely anything with the right knowledge and actions.”

I am beautiful! I am Healthy! I am prosperous! Isn’t that exciting? My subconscious thanks my conscious for telling me that all during the day.

Training is training. As foster parents we need hours each year. We learn from these hours of training and put what we learn into practice. The majority of my training has been informational based. This year with my agency’s encouragement, I discovered a new level of training. Training that actually blueprints lifestyle changes for me!!

Thru Dana McKnight Flentroy,M.S.W., I have learned tools that have I have put into practice that have made enormous positive changes in my life.

Thanks Dana and my subconscious thanks you.

-P. Fraizier-Mathews, J.D., Foster Parent